Devin Haynes

Web Developer - Software Developer - System Administrator



It has been nearly 10 years since I started my professional IT career in the U.S. Navy. I have been fortunate to bounce around the industry, getting my hands into all aspects of IT infrastructure. I have worked in System Administration, Network Administration, Cyber Security, Web Development (Front-End and Back-End), and Software Development.

My passion is Development. I love building and watching programs come to life from simple code. I also love solving the logic problems that stop code from running properly. My development experience includes HTML, CSS, JS, Node.js, Python, Flask, Java, MySQL, SQLServer, PL/SQL, and MongoDB.

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Ballentine Civic League

This website was created as a volunteer project for my local civic league. As one of my first projects, it stands a very basic website. The project was done with simple HTML/CSS (Without Bootstrap). The site is hosted on Amazon S3 as a free hosting solution. Click here for the site

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Gymbo is a Python/Flask Web App for tracking progress in the gym. This was a school project that was to be completed in five weeks. Thus it is not a fully-operational application. I plan on fledging this project out as time allows. As it stands, there is a functional login/registration portal that connects to a MongoDB. The DB holds usernames, email, hashed passwords(bcrypt), along with an optional profile picture. Click here for the source code

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Conquest America

Conquest America was a school project aimed at creating an education game that could be used in primary school. The application was built using JavaFX and SVG data. The object is to answer as many state names and capitals as possible. For the source code, Click here

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Trinity Word of Faith Baptist Church

Trinity Word of Faith Baptist Church is the establishment that hosts my local civic league meetings. When they found out, I created a website for the civic league, they asked if I could create on for them. As with the civic league website, I hand-coded all of the HTML and CSS in the manner in which they requested. It's not pretty, but it is what they asked of me. This site is hosted on Amazon S3 as a free hosting solution. Click here for the site

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D.W. Builders

D.W. Builders is a local contracting company, owned by a good friend of mine. I request to build him a website, as I was still starting out my web development venture. This site is pure HTML/CSS hosted on Amazon S3. Click here for the site

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Gravity Game

Gravity Game is a P5.js application that randomly applies gravitational force to a random position on a controllable object. The point of the game is to navigate to the target in the center of the screen while fighting these random gravitational forces. The game is yet unfinished, as there is no end to the game.Click here for the source code

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